Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Although I have made many contacts through 23andMe none of them have, so far, been able to identify who our common ancestors were. But...I then learnt about the GEDmatch site. This site allows you to upload your DNA test results and compare them with thousands of other individuals who have been tested by a variety of different companies. Whilst it does take some weeks for the data to be analysed it is now starting to come through and already I have matched with much closer cousins.

As patience is a virtue I will wait until the matching process is complete before approaching some of my new contacts. This is because each day when I check the output I am getting closer and closer matches. And it is always going to be easier to identify a cousin that has a common ancestor with me only 3 generations away than someone who is, say, 7 generations away.

So if you are interested in getting your DNA tested then I can certainly recommend it but don't expect instant results!

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