Monday, 24 June 2013

More DNA Test Results

I recently had my full DNA tested by 23andMe and the results have now come through. They confirm the results I had with Sorenson but go much further: both in the amount of detail and also by providing a family finder profile.

My Y-DNA haplogroup is confirmed as E1b1b1b2a and has provided me with 2 potential matches so far - although we are a long way from finding our common ancestor.

On my maternal side my haplogroup is H1C1 but so far this hasn't provided any close matches.

The family finder has come up with a large number of 3rd and 4th cousins and I need to explore with them where the connections lie. So far I haven't established any firm relationships but it is early days.

Another interesting insight is that 23andMe has confirmed that I have about 24% Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. This fits in well with what I know of my Jewish ancestry so gives me confidence that the results are reasonably reliable and that I am on the right track in researching my ancestry.

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