Tuesday, 7 May 2013

David Albert (Bertie) JACOBS (1892-1969)

For some reason I always miss my father's birthday. In fact he was born on 29th January 1892 at 190 High Holborn, London to David JACOBS and Emma BROWN, who had been married in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1887.

David and Emma had four children. The first, born in Winnipeg in 1888, was Philip Morris JACOBS. Their second child was Maurice Arthur JACOBS, born in London in1890. My father was their third child and their last child was Ellen Dorothy JACOBS, born in London in 1893.

The three boys were all sent to the Westminster Jews Free School but after their father's untimely death in 1899 they were withdrawn and sent to other schools. My father then attended St Giles National School in Endell Street, very close to where the family was living in High Holborn. However, he could not have been at this school for very long as the family had moved to Acton by 1901.

(to be continued ...)

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