Sunday, 29 April 2012

Have you seen ... Stephen Walker?

Modern Stowage, from the tower of St Nicholas Church

My Stephen Walker first appears in Deptford in 1805, married to Elizabeth. Between 1805 and 1818 Stephen and Elizabeth had 6 children baptised at St Nicholas Church: Eliza (1805), Ellis (1807), Robert (1810 - buried 1811), Ann Maria (1812), James Robert (1815) and Frederick William (1818). Stephen died in 1833 and the burial register records his age as 62 thus putting his birth around 1771.

The baptism register and tax schedules record their residence as Stowage and when Stephen died the name on the tax schedule changes to John Walker. Could John be another child of Stephen and Elizabeth? Stephen is recorded as a Navigator (originally someone who dug canals or navigations) or Labourer. Would he have completed an apprenticeship for this trade?

So far I have been unable to locate a marriage for Stephen and Elizabeth so I do not yet know Elizabeth's maiden name. And I have not been able to determine where Stephen was born, except that Walker is a north of England surname.

Have you got Stephen Walker and Elizabeth or any of their children in your family tree? Have you come across possible baptism or marriage events for them? Do you known when Elizabeth died? If so I would love to hear from you.

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